Hey folks,

This entry is for anyone actually however it’s a mental starting mark for me to change.  Change my thoughts,feelings and actions. Meeting goals that I want to achieve so I can look back and be proud of how far I have came. With that said,there will be two entries, so…

September 1st:
I got up at 6 with my hunny, got her ready for work. Washed dishes and made coffee. Got a little morning delight. Smoked a bowl. Turned on the tv. Then went into yoga. For 20 mind tentively. Meditated for 9 mins and 58 seconds when the goal is 10. All my thoughts we’re about plans today, mentioning my weeks mantra “I can do this”(meaning I can change. I can take it slow. I can achieve anything I put my mind to it. I can push past the negative. I can do this,for a better,longer life for me and my future family). Talked to God, thanking him for everything he’s done. Praying that he gives me strength on this new and scary journey. Thank you father! And now recapping the beginning of the morning. Through writing.

Plans for today…work out…library… and laundry. Another session of yoga/meditation tonight.

End for now…8:04am

Went running, did laundry, and a night yoga before the hunny came home.