Hey folks,

For todays event,I am heading to see my best friend of 20 plus years(Jesus,has it been that long?) All the while,I had ended up seeing the kids I used to see when I came home from breaks at school…these kids AREN’T kids anymore. They are now teens and that itself shocks me. Time doesn’t stop. It literally keeps going, passing. To have been so out of touch, it has been a wake up call.

Seeing my best friend or friends of so many years ago, it feels as though I had blinked for way too long to see where their lives are. They or We aren’t kids….we are adults. Adults, a concept never taught in the classroom. Experience is the forerunner in that concept. Each and everyone of my friends have had experiences in which now, they are a shell of a new being, one that is passed the age of dolls and childish gossip.  Now seeing the next generation, the very generation that I had gotten the opportunity to witness grow up, I am curious to see what they will grow to be. What experiences will they have that will mold the future  “adult”.

I am filled with emotions. A sense of proud. A sense of excitement.  A overwhelming need to shed tears of joy, a full out bawl. I believe its Grace. An appreciation for the Lord Almighty for allowing me to see these things happen since I can count how many times I was worried that I wouldn’t see any of it. Wouldn’t feel this feeling of adoration for these people that I have met throughout my life. This itself gives me will to live. To take everything that allowed me to gamble,figuratively and metaphorically, away my life and push harder on. I remember my girlfriend telling me, when I felt that all the stress was too much handle and snapping on her, though, she was right, she told me “you just hit adulthood,baby.”

This phase of my life or adulthood has been EXTREMELY tiring, confusing,frustration beyond tears BUT then I see the kids, the ones who looked at me like I was/am the cool cousin and see where I am, seeing my childhood friends and the achievements good or bad; it’s more than I could ever ask for in this life.

Over and out