Hello and Warmest Namaste to you all!

I know it’s bee a while…a long while however It’s been nothing but chaotic but what is life without it right?

Lately, the need to write has been pleging my for a while. Kinda like an awaiting test. You know your nervous but there is no reason why you would actually fail especially since you studied. You tried, gave it your best and that’s what anyone could or even would ask from you. Well, I look at my writing as something I’ve always kept private however, evolution happens and I am not excused from it either. I have begun to get a better understanding of myself. What things make me happy and what things don’t and writing has been the first thing since I was kid, before human compassion or any even material things like shoes.

In short, and in not too many words…I’M BACK and in full effect!!!

Did you miss me?