Hey folks,

It’s been a while but all with good reason. I had landed on some hard times(getting kicked out of my house and drifting around from house to house), but like my dad would say  “you are already at rock bottom,you can only go up from here”. I hope that’s true since I’ve been at rock bottom the moment I graduated from college.  Folks, I went through several major till I decided on one(7 to be exact) and now, I’m back to where I started.  I want nothing more than to know what to do for my life but I cant decide on anything. Its noy like I’m bumming it and beinh lazy(I could put more effort in not procrastinating) however the thought of trying to figure out what my steps are, are parallel to what makes me happy.  Strangely enough,I run into a friend and after talking with her, she quit her job as a hotel manager just to fully enjoy life. She has,as she said “no worries”. Finding happiness is ultimately what we strive for in this life. To live free,with arms outstretched to the sky while rinding in a convertible.  Maybe the events are test to what my goal is.  To see the world in a beautiful light. 

Stay tuned… the adventures are just getting good