Hey Folks,

Currently sitting in the Library, taking a Food safety course and I’m noting that I have less than a half an hour and this course is only on chapter 3. A lot of Blah, Blah, Blah and I realized that I haven’t made a new post. Either way, to pass the time and the blah, blah, blah…I figured I’d enlighten you guys as to what’s going on in the ever-changing world of Jay.

So I have been talking to a girl, named Dani and guys, even the thought of her, I’m speechless. She’s like me?! Ok, how can i explain this in the best ability as possible. It’s like we were both born a separate lives, but growing up was similar. From both of us being raised by our grandparents and seeing them as our parents to some tramatic events, we are the same. Our humor is the same. The likes that we have are the same. I’m mindblowned for instance, I like spoken word and before I told her, she told me she used to do it. See!? That happened on numerous occasions and it made me want to know her so much more. That was about a month ago. And here’s the kicker, I haven’t even met her yet.

How is that possible? To like someone so much that the thought of them makes you smile? The anticipation of a text from her, is what you look forward to during the day. When you look at her eyes or her smirk of a picture, it releases so many scenarios that you don’t know where to begin?!Guys, I don’t know what comes over me but I swear, these NEW emotions that I’m feeling is scary, irritating,exciting all at the same time.

I don’t look at her like I want to have sex with her, though I picture it being poetic with a sense of being primitive is initiated. I see her as the very thing that Beauty would be defined in my world. That the words I’ve written have come true when I saw her. That I want to be the girl that she would want to come home to, to be herself and everything that comes with it. She is the mystery, reincarnated and that intrigues me. She’s a mystery that I want to figure out. or at least pursue .

I want to say everything that I’m thinking, feeling for her yet, I’m not trying to scare her off or even be considered a creeper(I met her on-line so yeah, you can see where there might be a problem) but I just want to let her know how I view her(Beautiful), what I want from her(For her to be my future lady) and where do I go from here?(She hasn’t told me how she felt about me).

I’m on the island of the unknown but each day talking to her, i’m either slowly getting on the boat off the island or continue to go through the foliage, getting lost and not seeing a possible way out:-/

I hope everyone is having a great weekend!Stay Safe

Over and Out