Hey Folks,

Well, the adventures of San Fran just keeps getting better and better. For the past month, I have gotten my first “job”, I have started to get the hang of the city and furthermore, the thought of me moving out to Cali was a bad idea; has gone and the excitment of being here is settled. With that, I have met some really interesting people, ones with minds filled with similar ideas like myself however, there are others where I felt that I have seen them years ago, in PA. So today wasn’t any different. I was hanging out with April’s stud-licious friend who’s girlfriend was meeting us at the Powell Station. We chatted it up, until she came and when she arrivied, I noticed that she reminded me of the girls from home. The one that belived that they were the best thing since the invention of a hot comb. I didn’t want to think that I would have an issue with her, so I approched her like someone would in unfamilar situatiuons.

She was nice, really, but she was the example of what “lost youth” would look like. Like most qualities, I looked pasted it. Untill…

April decided to bring her “herbs” out and asked me to roll. I never turn down a opportunity to practice. The young woman who i found out her name was MiMi said, “I would never take you to be a smoker, no offence but you look like a square to be doing that.”

Square?! Now, I didn’t know what that even meant or hell, if people would actually use that word that was created in the late 70s, in hippy reference to a conserative person. But Me, square? I didn’t take offense to it because, i’ve heard worst. Yet, it got me to think and dissect it. Ever since I moved here, my goal was to emerce myself in the culture that is the polar opposite of what I was accustomed to in PA. Yet, the culture of San Fran is one that I have to slowly take steps into. I always saw myself as an indivual who is trying to find her voice and presence in California however, my voice is passive and presence, shy to people looking right at me. I made me think, “Am I too clean cut?” “Is there such a thing of being too “good”?” Through various situations and speaking to co-workers, some are too shocked to even hear that I’m 24 and not 18. That I have never been to places or seen certain things that they(Californinans) see on a normal daily basis. Maybe being a square is what is what I need to seperate myself from blending in with the other shapes that form my “circle” I feel like i’m a living representation of flatland and even though, to this day, i don’t have any idea what the concept of the story was but I’m beginning to get the modern gist of it.

I hope everyone is having a good week.

For Now, Love and Peace!