Hey Folks,

I hope everyone is having a really great week. Positive vibes for the ones that aren’t. It’s only Tuesday!

So I have been touring the city of San Fran and I must say, it’s what I have always dreamt it would be. Minus the strange spring/fall weather in the month of August, but either way, I love it here. Living with my dearest friend, April and her man-child boyfriend, it felt like college all over again. Though being here has giving me sunny days, her man-child has given me a few thunder storms. Maybe, I’ve invaded his territory when April gave me the Ok? Either way, it wasn’t my issue, yet, he made it such. One day, I was so filled with anger that I wanted nothing more to clobber him with a 5,000lb instrument, I went to seek refuge in my secret space, the library. While cooling down and killing time, I began to put some thoughts on paper and without a subject, it formed into one. So, here’s what came about. It’s not a poem, more like thoughts spilling on ink.

Usually, the realization that people have occur when they are at the lowest point of their lives. Myself, I’m not exactly sure as wot where mines was. Yet I realized, that today, I’m alive and that itself speaks volumes. Throughout various changes in my life, the only thing that eve stayed constant is my love for writing. It never once reminded me that I’m a wanderer, scared to settle down in life. It never showed me my fear of failure, or the reminders of intellect that you “lack”, compared to your counterparts. Wait…It never compares to any counterpart for that matter. Writing has always been a comfort in a every changing, fast pace world. As an escape, when reality is too much to bear, or when tears translate itself to vowels that are no longer formulated words, but otomatopoeias. I can allow all inhibited thoughts hit the pen ad allow my finger write the words that my mouth whats to say but can’t.Freedom…writing represents freedom, on that my soul aches to have. However, like a fugitive, outstretched arms through the bars, aching to be released.

There you have it folks, some thoughts to paper.

Hope you enjoy:)