Hey Folks,

It’s been a minute since I’ve wrote something and boy do I miss it. The only time where it’s just me and my thoughts and lately, my thoughts have be all over the place. Well, so have I yet, some were painful and others exciting. So allow me to catch you up…

There was a post earlier about my sister/best friend who allowed me to move in with her after living out in Clearfield. Stated in the post, our 16 year relationship started to grow strain. The last straw, I guess, was when I went to see my ex-girlfriend and she didn’t have a way to get me back from my weekend away. I got a text message saying that my stuff was packed and ready to be picked up. That completely caught me off guard. She explained that it was because I hadn’t kept my end of the bargain which was to pay my 300 in rent and put gas in the car. Highlight, ladies and gentes, I offer to pay half and half since I had my own expensive to pay (college loans are no joke)however, they didn’t want it like that since they(meaning her and her husband) seen it as though I was taking advantage of them. Here’s the thing, I work 5 days a week and I go visit my friends on the weekends which caused me to never be home. She is a homebody, especially since she’s married. I’m single. I don’t have a husband I have to answer to. I don’t have kids. I’m a working, 24 year old who likes to go out after working hard during the week. I also keep in mind the bills before I go hefty spending, so responsibility is something I practice. She saw it as I spent MY HARD EARNED MONEY on friends and weed(Now, yes, I do smoke however, I do spend a certain amount of money but it last me two weeks). Again, it’s my choice. If everything was paid, I’m allow to splurge, right!? So that, my friends, began a domino effect. She bitched and complained over EVERYTHING and ANYTHING! So when I got kicked out, it didn’t end there, it just brought a lot to light. One of the things were that we grew up differently, she got to leave MHS and I stayed. She had to grow up, whereas, I’ve been on my own since MHS. She is what I consider a closed-minded conservative. She tolerates certain things like the fact that America is become a bilingual country and she believes that English should be the ONLY language spoke. It’s a hidden bigotry from both her and her 11 year older husband. Who treats things like he’s the head of the household. He was the sole reason as to what made her decide to kick me out. I was doing these things to her, which drove a stake into our friendship. Nethertheless, I ended up moving with my best friend who I’ve known a equal but shorter time than my sister. As this process is happening, i’m still packing up and relocated from her house to my best friends house. While going through it, i’m still trying to grapsh the fact that my 16 year friendship is over and I didn’t see it going the way that it did. We were close, like two peas in the pod but over time, we grew up, extremely differently. Yet, I thought it wouldn’t have mattered since we will always come together and be the family that we wanted while we were in school. As we defriended each other, as she badmouthed me in a message, I realize more now the self-centeredness she is. She didn’t understand where I am coming from, my own bills, my own life that I came back to Eastern Pa to repair.

In short, I’m currently living with my best friend and my goddaughter. As I’m still hurting from the lost, my goddaughter, who is 2, wraps her little arms around my neck and falls asleep nestled on my lap. As I sit in the passenger seat laughing and talking about everything with my best friend, she reminds me that friendships do transition from the beginning stages of hello to the final stages of goodbye. With Brandi, we continue to grow together, allowing our goals to be the focus of our lives. While reaching those goals, she understands that I can help when I can, it’s NOT an obligation to our friendship. So this point of Transition is one that I planned for, one that I welcomed and one that I’m so happy to go through with someone who has know me since 11 years old.