Come in
Enjoy the show
We have attractions for the young and old
High fly trapeze
Jumps and swings that your mind can not comprehend.

Cold winds blow
I climb the ladder
Recounting ever last step
I see the thin wire, beckoning me

The squeaking sounds of the stairs rings…
Despair, Anguish
I want my performance to be perfect

I’m on the platform, also touching the tent the encloses my thoughts
I look down to see…nothing
This isn’t what I pictured
Where is my audience, my crowd filled with encouragement and amazement
The wind blows harder

My footing isn’t steady
Shaking as I take each step
Where do I go from here? Is it time to play it safe?
Step…by step…
Am I strong enough? Can I do it? Is this what life truly is?
I look down,nothing but black surrounds me
Can I fall? Will I fall?

Softly I hear, the Entrance of the Gladiator
Distorted,rewound backwards
My head is spinning
My wire is getting longer and the sounds of misery causes my focus to shake
Can I keep going?

The trumpets are louder, the cymbals blending
The flutes follow the melody as the Tuba softly
I look up as the tent gets bigger