Hey folks,

Man, how I’ve missed you all. A lot of things have been happening and I’m completely shocked that I actually have time to work on my writing. However, it’s a breath of fresh air to do so.

I have escaped the wretchedness of Clearfield to come to a bit bigger, not much but bigger, town called Duncannon. My “sister” is actually the one in who I’m staying with. It’s nice however, I’m itching again. Folks, when I say itching, i mean I have the sudden need to keep moving. Being here is like a temporary pit stop, yet, I crave more. It’s as though my heart is screaming “California” and now, I’m beginning to feel like that dream of being there is practically already starting. Half of me doesn’t even care how i get there, as long as I move out there, start my foundation then I’ll be set. Either way, folks, I have never felt so excited, so hopeful, in a while.

In short, I’m extremely thrilled to see what it will happen in the next few months. June 2013, California state will have a new residence and with, my foundation that I want to have, will be had.

Don’t worry, I’ll be back on to give you guys the beginning half of my story’s progression. Which that itself, makes me extremely excited!

Peace and Love,