…I realize that there maybe a hinderance in my sexual growth?! I maybe too sexual liberated to the point of destruction. On myself.

Explaining the state of mind in which I have, enters once the air is set. The initial kiss becomes an open door to a world filled of endless emotion and attractions, the first skin touch, awaken every nerve ending and that is where I begin my reign of power. To allow my sexual prowlness to attach itself to their vulnerbility inites me. I inhale their energy and exhale as vapor of possiblities. The potential mate/partner dissapates and to succeed with taking control becomes my passion, NOT intimacy. To feel blood rush in areas, ressurect a lifeform for my to drain him dry of the very thing that give him substance. Poitions of dominace fills me. To look down and to see a beautiful distortion makes me smile. Knowing I have the sheer power makes me cum. I have control in the mentality of what a man sees sex as. Does he see it as a manuver for me to become “whipped”? To be aching for his very being, makes me laugh deeply. Does he sees this as method to become loyal? I see those things for myself. His moans are created by me. His vulgarities are mine to indulge in. His cum is mine to devour…or waste. Yet when his head is done spinning, his heartbeat regular, he is back to conscience, I realize the world is now real and I need to push him along. No need for reviews, no need for soft words or softer embraces. I won’t let you in, enter my santuary for you to let my babylon fall on account of phamtom emotions.