Hey folks,

A lot of changes has transpired. One, being that my stability has been compromised. Frivolous spending with the idea of someone actually having you, yeah, screw that! Can’t rely on anyone. Which leads me to two, I’m planning on leaving and making my ways to California! It’s going on a whim type thing. Personally, I don’t have anything else to lose, no kids to take care of, my friends are doing their own thing. So I get paid on the 28th and on the 29th, i’ll be on a plane to Cali, and i’m not sure if i’m coming back! With the changes of the year, I’m beginning to think that everything that has held me back should no longer be a factor! 

Anywhom, I was looking at some of my things that I had written and I’m deciding to post them. Why not?! Hey, i’m liking this attitude! 

Feel free to comment, critique, anything you feel I would need to know!

Till next time, folks:)