The following was written circa October…

The road seems endless, however, I rather the road be just that. Never reaching an end point. The view in which I see is a majestic paradox of a fairytale. Trees strategically lined up with little space; barely touching. Inching towards on another, aching to feel embrace.
Leaves are various hue of a palet that ancient artist created master pieces how replication was never achieved. Reds, oranges, yellow, shine exuberantly, a precursor of dusk. The sun slowly reflect each prisum of warmth and grace. The crisp under my boots sends youthful waves of playful calmness in my being. Spreading ever so thinly, connecting to mother-earths’ embrace.
I exhale a breath of crisp air, entering a once summer soul. Lays, hibernating for once the sun makes it to the otherside of the hemisphere. The wind gently kiss my cheek in which ignites a love affair i’ve missed. My old love as her cool lips touches mine. I’d adjust myself, becoming comfortable as I cross my legs and close my eyes. I feel you. I embrace you. I’ve welcome you. Dusk continues to fall, peaking through the foliage, hearing sweet lullibys of acoustic artist solo against a melodic line.