*Forever Free*

Through the browns of her eyes, she sees wonders


December 2012

Sexual Power, Part Dux

…I realize that there maybe a hinderance in my sexual growth?! I maybe too sexual liberated to the point of destruction. On myself.

Explaining the state of mind in which I have, enters once the air is set. The initial kiss becomes an open door to a world filled of endless emotion and attractions, the first skin touch, awaken every nerve ending and that is where I begin my reign of power. To allow my sexual prowlness to attach itself to their vulnerbility inites me. I inhale their energy and exhale as vapor of possiblities. The potential mate/partner dissapates and to succeed with taking control becomes my passion, NOT intimacy. To feel blood rush in areas, ressurect a lifeform for my to drain him dry of the very thing that give him substance. Poitions of dominace fills me. To look down and to see a beautiful distortion makes me smile. Knowing I have the sheer power makes me cum. I have control in the mentality of what a man sees sex as. Does he see it as a manuver for me to become “whipped”? To be aching for his very being, makes me laugh deeply. Does he sees this as method to become loyal? I see those things for myself. His moans are created by me. His vulgarities are mine to indulge in. His cum is mine to devour…or waste. Yet when his head is done spinning, his heartbeat regular, he is back to conscience, I realize the world is now real and I need to push him along. No need for reviews, no need for soft words or softer embraces. I won’t let you in, enter my santuary for you to let my babylon fall on account of phamtom emotions.



Sexual Power part 1

I didn’t notice that there is two parts to this writing, both written at different times.

Power seems to be the theme of today. Maybe, everyday life, but the realization have once again appeared, days ago. Mary made me feel like I wasn’t apart of the decision about MY livelyhood. That her “best friend” was the sole person. She’s the voice of reason? Please?! While angrily walking to the post office, the urge that I know so well came. The throbbing…the rapid breathing, I wanted to fuck. Ok, sure, i’m oversexed, however it was as though my anger was surpressed. It’s my insaitible need to fuck becomes more prominent. I wanted that power back. That I wasn’t someone left behind. Sex is my tool for being powerful and it shouldn’t be. Yet, walking past a potential screw, that drives my inner being into a tailspin. The tingling sensation that I get is suddle but it holds feeling of a thousand volts of lustful energy. However, I get a hyperspark when there is an area in my life that I can’t control or the over abundance of stress however my yoni is aching for pleasure. My being wants to dominate and the only remedy is having the next person submitted to me. Gronts and moans, vulgarity and formation of sweat makes my mouth water. Ugh, the search I go, my own, trying to find the very thing that gives me desire, pleasure and restraint.


Autumn Blues..

The following was written circa October…

The road seems endless, however, I rather the road be just that. Never reaching an end point. The view in which I see is a majestic paradox of a fairytale. Trees strategically lined up with little space; barely touching. Inching towards on another, aching to feel embrace.
Leaves are various hue of a palet that ancient artist created master pieces how replication was never achieved. Reds, oranges, yellow, shine exuberantly, a precursor of dusk. The sun slowly reflect each prisum of warmth and grace. The crisp under my boots sends youthful waves of playful calmness in my being. Spreading ever so thinly, connecting to mother-earths’ embrace.
I exhale a breath of crisp air, entering a once summer soul. Lays, hibernating for once the sun makes it to the otherside of the hemisphere. The wind gently kiss my cheek in which ignites a love affair i’ve missed. My old love as her cool lips touches mine. I’d adjust myself, becoming comfortable as I cross my legs and close my eyes. I feel you. I embrace you. I’ve welcome you. Dusk continues to fall, peaking through the foliage, hearing sweet lullibys of acoustic artist solo against a melodic line.


My Tangerine Sky

Hey folks,

A lot of changes has transpired. One, being that my stability has been compromised. Frivolous spending with the idea of someone actually having you, yeah, screw that! Can’t rely on anyone. Which leads me to two, I’m planning on leaving and making my ways to California! It’s going on a whim type thing. Personally, I don’t have anything else to lose, no kids to take care of, my friends are doing their own thing. So I get paid on the 28th and on the 29th, i’ll be on a plane to Cali, and i’m not sure if i’m coming back! With the changes of the year, I’m beginning to think that everything that has held me back should no longer be a factor! 

Anywhom, I was looking at some of my things that I had written and I’m deciding to post them. Why not?! Hey, i’m liking this attitude! 

Feel free to comment, critique, anything you feel I would need to know!

Till next time, folks:)