Hey Folks,

Crazy to think that this is the beginning of the autumn. With the weather starting to accomodate for the change of the season, I can’t help but to be excited. I know, sounds really cheesy but it’s something about the crisp wind, while the leaves are changing and making the scene of where i’m at, well, beautiful.* Pretty much the reason that my child will be named after a season* It’s the thought of the things that are assoicated with autumn, that give me happiness. That I can wear cute sweaters, sit under a tree at 2 in the afternoon with a cup of hot chocolate or chai tea. Though the summer has gone, it give me something to look forward to next yea, but for now, I’m loving the artwork that God has created.

The ode to Autumn


Crisp, giving my air of new life

Hug my arms around as the trees gently sway

As the old sheds its old apperance,

I step around, gracefully

Twirling around in your showers, oh autumn

Joyous childlike, giggling, jumping to piles of crunchy leaves

I breath a heavy sigh, oh Autumn

You are with me, for the time being

Shower with me with your beauty before the colder end of your siblings comes

I look to the sky, smiling at God

Thank You, Oh Autumn, for being the season of rebirth.

I’m anticipating.

Over and Out:)