Hey folks,

Today, work is extremely slow…probably because it’s a weekday and no one in the working world would want to take a vacation to a place the population is as small as a close knit family in LA. Anywhom, off my tangent…sort of. Today, while bored, my friend, Ashley and I started to snoop in my ex phone and my oh my, what did we find. Well, deleted text messages and the FB app. still up. Aha, We figured it would be even more genius to look through it and what more did i find…LIES! About everything, from the beginning of the relationship. Personally, I believed that i might have snapped a little inside, however, it was a mischeiveious little girl was reborn, seeking revenge. It’s funny since I’m the revenge type since i’m a firm believer that God will handle it. Yet, It’s rattling my insides, making me crave the mere glimpse of potental pain that was caused. Ugh, folks, it’s insane to think that i could do something so dark and twisted that I could actually get joy? I’m talking myself into believe that Karma has taken the name of the evildoer and sits paticently till there is a golden opportunity to intervene. Time, i’ve been told will tell and let everything happen or fall into place. That what the universe have the tendicy to do. Sigh…Sure i have faith in Karma however, i would like to interject some cause of pain since I wouldn’t want Karma to take all the credit.

Sure this blog is a bit sour, but I felt it was needed. Besides…what else is there to do at work, if I can’t sleep. In short ladies and germs…I will allow Karma to come in but I’ll be kicking her ass the whole way to her destination which is cause my ex to see the error of the way that were lived and the lies told!

Over and out!