Hey folks,

Today, work couldn’t go any slower, nor could my mind go any faster then what the day has in store today. My ex apparently wants to do a spa day, to rekindle the relationship that had once died, resurrected just to be cruely murder by the hands of her insecurites and tempation. Psh. Anywhom, there was a idea that I had for my “novel”(I’m not sure what to call it yet, let’s assume that it’s a lot of words that translate into a story) that has been pondering in my head for the longest time…There are some kink kanks that come with it but I think the opening is pretty good. Since I only have about 20 mins left till I have to clock out, i’m writing it down because it’s driving me crazy that i haven’t written it yet and it still lingers.

Looking at my Cartier watch, my anxiety has awaken every never in my body. Not again. Something i’ve always struggled with, however, you already knew that. It read 6:37 pm and you were to meet me at the Louge on 8th and Market. I look outside and I see that it’s starting to rain, harder then it had been hours ago. My knee nervously bounced as I’m anticipating your arrival. I would normally play coy however,I can’t. You found me on a online blog and you like the things that I had written. Every poem, short story, casual thought, you read and commented. You sent me a e-mail, saying how you can relate to my writing and you wanted to chat with me, get to know me as a author, however, that is only one of few things on my resume of achievements. I sip my chai tea, with soy milk as I look at other areas of the lounge. I notice that there is a couple, college aged, talking about current events in the news paper. The converstation was intriging, but i didn’t want to intergect my ideas of where the education system is going in this country. I look and see that there was a women, rushing across the street, fighting off the rain that had changed direction from fall freely down straight to a diagonal downpour. She comes in, noticing the long boots that she was wearing with thick, black tights. How her calf muscule was hidding in a wrapping of finest leather, I allowed my lips to break into a smile. She shook off her umbrella and you had taken my breath away as I looked at the beauty that stood at the end entrance way. You looked around untill you looked towards my table. I must have been the woman that you were looking forward to see after months of converstation over the blog world.

“Did you wait long?” You asked

I tried not to stare at those dark, hazelnut colored eyes as they were accented with eyeliner. Giving you more of an edge then one of innocence. You wore light make-up that only accented the key points of your flawless, caramel skin.  Your hair was falling down, slowly brushing against you peacoat.

“No, not at all,” I said, pulling up a seat next to me, “Please, sit”

You smiled, notice your dimples and in that very second, I was yours. Yours for the picking, yours for the prying.

“I’m sorry, the sub didn’t come on time and I was so worried that you might have left.”

Sure, you were about an hour late for our intial meeting however, I didn’t care. Time wasn’t a priority since a lot of things that needed tobe done that day, were already completed.

“It’s fine” I smiled, noticing her ease into her seat, comfortable with who she is talking with

“For someone as prestigious as yourself, actually have time to sit down with a commoner like myself.” You joked

“No, I manage my time well,” I said, sipping on my tea, “Besides, I never had someone take a personal intest as you have”

You chuckled, “I have to admit, i’ve been following your blogs for the longest and I admire you. I’m thankful you have the time to talk to me.”

“I’m flattered,” I said, arrogance was never a good look for me, which I notice that you didn’t expect that, “I worked hard to get where I am now however, the journey hasn’t been a easy one.”

“Really?” You asked, “You don’t mind telling me, do you?”

“Unless you are planning on running my name in the mud…” I joked

“Oh, no.” You retorted, “I would never run a fellow writer down for my own gain. I just want to hear your story. What made you, you.”

Your sincerity is what made me say yes and the manner in which you said made my heart flutter and me recap back years ago, seeing the very siren that caught my attention.


That’s it for now folks, chime in whatever, everything is apperciated.

Over and out,