Hey folks!!!

Long day at work, jesus, never thought that there would be so many people that would could to my little town of clearfield of a football game, especial a Penn State one. After everything that went down there, you’d think that the attendance for the football game would fall short of just-plan-sad rate. Anywhom, I was thinking about my last relationship and what had happened. Infidelity is a bitch but it’s a bigger pain in the ass if you are still trying to make it work, despite of logic or the fear that it will happen again. With my mind swirling with a whole bunch of emotions, those emotions formulated in to words and well, folks, here’s the product…Now I don’t know if it’s a poem or a slam piece(Like i could be that fluid like the poets that I’ve seen that have down slam poetry). Back to the topic at hand, here’s what I produced…

That kind of love

Emotions are high

Tears are no longer able to fall freely on my cheeks

My throat is horse with rage, yet the lump takes form through kinetic energy produce at the end of this pin

It soothes me as words began to become fluid, as the ink presses to the paper

I want…Hum, I want…

I want that kind of love that my heart flutters as you walk on by

That I become an animated character, levitating and float at the very scent that you give me.

I want that kind of love that would make my nervous as I approach you,

Paying attention to every single detail of my face as you take a first glimpse .

Smoothing my clothes, wiping any extra makeup that would take attention off me.

I want that kind of love…That love…

That words would be meaningless and actions would be meaningful

That every kiss, embrace would leave me wanting more

That I’d fall asleep and wake up to the glowing smile and warming touch on my skin.

Oh, I want that love

I want the love, that I’d want to tell my girlfriends about

Be somewhat concided  as the topic of  “Where are the good men gone”, knowing that I’m coming home to one.

*Laugh* I know, horrible but baby, that’s what you want to hear

I want that love that is childlike,

Chasing me around the playground, prending that I have cooties,

Don’t want to be in contact with me

Knowing that you’ll hold my hand and kiss me on the cheek before story time.

I want that love that is beautiful as I walk a mile

For you take my hand and make me yours

That eternity is a joke, campare how long  our love is capable of going.

I want that love that will sound like honey as I say your name

That you can’t get enough of me and the love that we continue to have

I want that love that makes me hate you

Makes me want to throw things at you but pick the right back up and put them back where they belong

No…No, I wouldn’t hurt you because it would kill me to see you in pain, however, I don’t mind beating your ass a few times

You laugh, Call me silly and that makes me melt

That’s what I want…That love

The love that would allow me to act like a drooling, nerdy teenager

Leaving speechless, hyperventilating, leaving me wanting to go home and write.

The good, The Bad, The Indifferent

I want it all, if it kept me closer to you

Making you love me hard, causing to fall harder for me

*Breath heavy* I want that love

I’ll be waiting for you, waiting for you to receive it.

©Jay Williams