Hey folks,

I’ve haven’t had time to come online since I’ve started a new job. Yay! However, it does give me a reason to make a schedule for everyday life. At work, in the mist of bordom and training, I started to think and with that, came a piece of me that went on the little squared paper that  is used to take notes.

At times when casual conversation states, usually it just goes with the topic at hand. Lately, however, the topic today moved more towards the thoughts of my mom. Littles topics of conversation moved more towards the thoughts and memories of my late mother. Little things like beauty ideas or little antidotes she used to do made me picture her more. When I was younger, there were little things that would make me laugh like playing a rhyming game that would involve her playing with my facial features.

“Head knocka, eye-seeer, nose smeller, mouth eater, chin beaker, ear hearer.” she would say as she pinch my various spots, making me giggle.

The way her brown, curly hair looked in the 90’s fade, her eyebrows being tattooed on.

When we are younger, never would anyone think that the person they love the most could actually die at any time. They, in my eyes, were immortal. They would stay the same age and was immune to getting sick. They contained some super power that prevented them from aging. However it never goes the way a child would think it should. Even as an adult, there is still a part that holds on to those ideaologial theories or feelings.Fairy tales somehow gets lost in the years of transition and development. When the sunny skies outside of a child’s window are preseved as beautiful, adults mentality makes the cruelity of the world prevelant; making them grey. Th carefree, fearless gets trampled by the hooves of the real. The coldness in the world wraps it’s arms around the warmth one would feel. Cruelty being its carriage and reality being its driver,the contrast of my childhood world only gets muddled in comparison of is really going outside of my childhoods window However, there are points of my day do I get to see through my childhoods window and I see my healthy mother the very that I seen her.Her hood mentality oozing from her and hearing her voice that sounded like trumpets in a band. Her hearty laughter makes my heart enter a world nirvana and my smile breaks through a once emotionless face.

Just came in head and I had to put it down on paper!

Peace and Love