So, like every relationship, there is a rough path…well, i would like to know when will my rough patch actually lead to smooth fields? It’s obvious that I’m a little mad, however, it triggered my story idea. Crazy right?!

There we sat, across the new cherry wood table. Our gazes hasn’t been broken. The boiling anger filled my stomach, making it difficult for me to digest any type of dinner I had made. I came home only hours ago and I heard a vibration on the coffee table in our foure. You left your phone once again. I picked up and I pressed the “on” button. There was 3 text messages unread and a picture message. Your job requires you to have your phone on you at all times, however, I’m hoping it was your future appointments that you had made. Press Unlocked. I scrolled into your inbox. Christina. Who is Christina?

Message one: It was nice seeing you last night. Dinner was amazing.

I thought that you had to work late. Paperwork, you had told me.

“They have to keep all the accountants late. With the new program that in place, I have to stay later”


As  you walked out, I silently whispered “Happy Anniversary”

Message Two: Baby, I need you, please come through tonight. When she’s sleeping.

3 months, the birth of our daughter. Her chubby face and her sweet smile is what made you so happy to be a dad. I would catch you sneaking out of bed into her room.

“I guess, I need to practice my shooting”

“What for?”

“Just in case any knuckleheads try to break her heart”

I laugh, not realzing that my laughter was based on a lie.

Message Three: I love you

Love is a funny thing, don’t you think? Trust is practically married to the word. You divorced the two, replacing it with lies. Your own selfish needs, desires always came first. I looked on my ring finger, slowly rotating the 2.5 carot ring you gave me, to symbolize what forever will be with you. Clean, beautiful and that the love you have for me will shone through. I sit back in my seat, breathing heavily.

“I told you, I was at work. Why do I have to lie”

“You tell me, haven’t I given everything for you?

You sucked your teeth, as if my question triggered some aggravation.

“Please, don’t start. I had a long day. All I want to do is enjoy this dinner with my wife and go to bed”

You start playing with your herb-encrusted chicken, mixing it with the mashed potatoes that I had worked 3 hours on. I saw you lean in and had the folk meet your mouth. I seen the signs before. I thought that once I said, “I do”, i would never have to worry about my insecurities. That when I took that vow to always be yours, you would always be mine. My, how, the times changed. You finished your plate, sipping the merlot wine to clean your palet. I broke out in a crocked smile as you started to graph for air. You violently coughed, trying to speak however, the poison is a fast acting one. A loud thud followed as you fell on the floor. You looked up in you last moments of life into mine, looking for sympathy. I chuckled.Your body became limp, life erased off your face and as I walked by, allowing your soul to take a picture of my red Jimmy Choos as they past by; i turned the light off in the dining room, making sure that the plan is set in motion.

“I guess you don’t know everything about a person after you marry them.”