Hello bloggers!

Today was on for the books, i must admit. Clearfield county is a county in which people minds are small and their sense of equality is even smaller. No, i’m not referring to color, it the discrimination against economy status. Ugh! However, In the mist of all the craziness that Monday normally  has to offer; a lot of thing started to stir my mind up. So ladies,gentleman and others, welcome to my mind;)

The sun shone through the kitchen window. My hands are emerged in the sudsy water as I stare out, noting that the lawn needs to be mowed.  The wariness of the water couldn’t amount to the coldness I felt inside. I placed the freshly washed  dish drainer when I heard footsteps.

“WDAS FM, Playing nothing but the hits from the 90’s and today”

Putting the dishes that were used from the night before dinner, spaghetti and caked on green beans were lining the Paula Dean pots I had gotten on sale.

“Nat King Cole, Rob Thicke, we are playing all the hits. Johnny Gill next”

You come behind me, kissing me on my cheek. I face to turn to you and your smile radiates the whole room. I look into your forest green eyes and I am running, running through a field where your love embraces me.

Johnny Gill coons through my radio, while you pull me close. You start to sway against the syncopated harmony and the sultry sounds of the 80’s/ mid-90’s heart-throb.

“Thank You”




You lay a sweet kiss on my lips and I smile as the delegate touch upon me. You continue to slowly dance with me, against the song as if it’s a preview of the future that you picture. Worry cross my face at the time where their should be a joyest time. Forever is a long time,my love…things change. Look at me and tell me that you have the ability to stop time from forever changing. I sunk into your arms, nestled in you shoulder and inhaled your sweet scent. Breathing is the only thing that I’m sure I can do, but keeping this from you is something I’m unsure about.

The song slowly fades away and my thoughts goes with them. The water is lukewarm, three more dishes…distractions are really good leeway to escape from the inevitable.

Peace and Love