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April 2012

Tossing and Turning…Ugh!

So I got off Skype with one of my dearest friends, Abby, when she told me that she missed my stories that I wrote in high school. She told me that I was an amazing writer. Ok, so skepticism settled in, trying to believe what she was saying was true. I mean, she was the one that I would allow reading my stories. Exposed is what I felt however, that was when i was 15. I’m 23 now. Some things have to change. After seeing her and having the support, along with some of my other friends, I’m gaining strength to write more stories and indulge in the very thing that gave me joy since I was a kid. The art of words. The realm of imagination.

The following post is an idea that popped in my head, while trying to fall asleep; with sleep being no avail.

Peace and Love



How long does it take to write a book


A number of people have asked me how long it took to write my book, and how much of that time was spent on the actual writing. Luckily I’d thought it would be interesting to know that myself, so I recorded my time from the very beginning of the project. Thank you to Peter Maddox for helping me to turn my dry figures into a pretty chart!

The time tracking starts from mid May 2011, when I began planning the book in earnest. I stopped tracking my time in mid February 2012, when the book became available on Amazon and B&N. The figures include only the work I did myself. Other people put a significant amount of time into the book too. In particular, Richard Hamilton at XML Press did the copy editing and publishing of the book, the illustrator created the cover image and the five images that…

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Idea #1

She jumps up, looks around into the blackness of her room. Her breathing returning normal from panting. She was getting too old to be having nightmares, however it was a nightmare that kept reoccurring. Flashes of memories entered her subconscience, creating waves of emotions that she locked away for a long time.

4:15 am

This is bullshit, she curses herself. Why couldn’t she just simply have a peaceful sleep? She lets out a heavy sigh and falls back on her pillow. The aromatherapy bag that her mother gave her was not working. How could the smell of lavender and sawdust cause her to sleep, she would never know. She turned to her side and looked at the glimmering light from the street light outside her bedroom. Her walls reflected her lamp that sat on her bedside. No, she wasn’t a child anymore, having a nightlight would be useless. She heard the noises of the city, cars driving by, heels of dunking women stumbling by, yes, at times; those were her ticket of a peaceful sleep. However, not tonight. Nor last night, or the few nights before. Her stomach started to turn. The smell of old cigarettes and dirty laundry filled her nose. She only had to be here for another night. Till the last objective was done. Yet, there was something unsure about her last stop.

She had felt these very things before. Premonitions was the very fore front. More of a curse then a gift. She started at the off-white of the wall of her room. The shapes from the outside danced with the shadows in her room. She looked at her clock for some relief.

4:16 am


She turled her thumbs. This wasn’t Christmas, where she was anxious to see what gifts lied under her tree. No, this was stress. Stress always did a number on her, made her drop pounds in needed areas. It also interfered with her sleep.

Para…Para…Paradise. Para…Para..Pardise.

She looked over to see her Iphone glowed the familar tune of Coldplay.


“Tomorrow. Meet at the starbucks on 7th and Market. 12pm”



The last of it, she thought to herself. Before it was all said and done, she had to make one stop, the last objective. And this time, she wasn’t planning on screwing it up. As for now, she needed to sleep. For tomorrow, her life was going to once again, take another direction which she was taking her only baggage with her, misery.

***Just a idea, more or less something that came up in my head while trying to fall asleep**

Peace and Love


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